Arcturon, a death metal band from Switzerland, is competing in the European Song Contest.

You might not anticipate a Death Metal band to be nominated for the Swiss pre-rounds of the European Song Contest. ARCTURON remained on their course throughout the competition and will be open to similar experiments in the future.

This is something you can do with sound as well

Open to everything while sticking to their strengths

Playing melodic death metal

Done in an outstanding manner, with top-notch melodic leads combined with heavy riffing and rough vocals while still being catchy, even for a wider audience, is something that can hardly be applied to any death metal band today or those that used to play music like this. Names like In Flames come to mind while discussing this sound. So, if you're missing the old days of In Flames, ARCTURON is unquestionably worth a listen:

  • outstanding performances;
  • innovative sounds;
  • a new take on the known genre.


Death Metal with Melodic Overtones Florian Moritz (guitar) and Samuel Fischer (bass) founded the band in 2004 when they were both 14 years old (drums). The demo "Breaking Walls," released in 2007, drew a lot of attention to the fledgling band and led to support positions for industry heavyweights such as Six Feet Under, Nile, Finntroll, and Belphegor. The debut album "The Eight Thorns Conflict" was recorded at Sweden's famed Abyss-Studios and produced by Jonas Kjellgren:

  • Hypocrisy;
  • Scar Symmetry;
  • Sonic Syndicate.

"An Old Storm Brewing"

The second full-length album

It was recorded at Abyss-Studios under Jonas Kjellgren's direction and published by SCR in 2013.


Tenth anniversary

Also makes a triumphant return to the stage with a declaration of war! On October 24, the new EP "Expect Us" will be released, and it outperforms all prior attempts.

The album

Was recorded in Sweden's Fascinationstreet Studios

Produced by Johan rnborg (Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Amon Amarth, and others), demonstrates the four Swiss' outstanding talent.

Wrecking ball feel, brilliant guitar riffs, and striking melodies

These band's trademarks demonstrate that metal music knows no bounds. Furthermore, the trio allows what many victims of their own habit have grown to lack over the years to flow freely in their work: pure, adrenaline-charged enthusiasm.

"Pleasures Of The Earth"

When the young Swiss began their concert with "Pleasures Of The Earth," the crowd slowly trickled into the tent. Regardless of the small audience, the band put on a good show with a crystal clear sound that made the solos stand out well. Aljosha Gasser, in particular, was continually seeking engagement with the audience, which became more and more willing to comply as time passed.


The little dancing pit that erupted in response to "Gryfius" quickly grew into a large mosh pit, and by the time they performed their fastest song, "The Dissenter," you couldn't count the number of heads thumping on the floor with both hands. Even if it wasn't enough to win the competition, ARCTURON's long voyage from Switzerland paid off handsomely.