Themes of lyricism

Black Sabbath and the numerous heavy metal bands that they inspired, according to David Hatch and Stephen Millward, have focused lyrically "on gloomy and depressing subject matter to a level historically unseen in any form of pop music." They use Sabbath's second album, Paranoid (1970), as an example "Songs dealing with personal trauma, such as'Paranoid'and'Fairies Wear Boots'(which described the unpleasant side effects of drug use), as well as those dealing with larger issues, such as the self-explanatory ‘War Pigs'and'Hand of Doom ', were included.

Sex is another major issue that runs from Led Zeppelin's suggestive lyrics to the more explicit references of glam metal and nu metal bands, owing to the genre's roots in blues music.

King Diamond

King Diamond is recognized for producing horror-themed conceptual lyrics. Heavy metal's thematic material has long been a source of controversy. Jon Pareles claims that "The basic subject matter of heavy metal is straightforward and almost universal. It celebrates... a party without limits... with grunts, moans, and subliterary lyrics... The core of the music is styled and formulaic..." Metal lyrics have been judged immature and uninteresting by some music critics, while others have complained to what they see as misogyny and occult propaganda by others.

The Parents Music Resource Center petitioned the United States Congress in the 1980s to control the popular music industry because of what it claimed were unpleasant lyrics, notably in heavy metal songs.

“Obviously misguided”

Believes that heavy metal lyrics are misogynistic are "obviously misguided," according to Andrew Cope, who claims that critics have "overlook[ed] the overwhelming data that suggests otherwise."

"An expressive method [that] it sometimes seems will stay with us for as long as average white lads fear girls, pity themselves, and are permitted to rage against a world they'll never conquer," according to Robert Christgau.

Heavy metal artists have had to defend their lyrics in court and in front of the United States Senate.

Twisted Sister Dee Snider was called before the United States Senate in 1985 to defend his song " Under the Blade." The PMRC claimed that the song was about sadomasochism rape at the hearing, while Snider claimed that the song was about his bandmate's throat surgery.

Ozzy Osbourne was sued over his song's lyrics "Solution to Suicide The parents of John McCollum, a troubled adolescent who allegedly committed suicide after listening to Osbourne's song, have filed a lawsuit against him. Osbourne was cleared of any wrongdoing in the teen's death.

Better by You, Better than Me

A Tragedy

In 1990, the parents of two young men who had shot themselves five years earlier sued Judas Priest in an American court, allegedly after hearing the subliminal statement "do it" in the song Better by You, Better than Me, which was featured on the album Stained Class and was also a Spooky Tooth cover. Despite the fact that the case received a lot of public attention, it was eventually dismissed.

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